Pet Orthopedic Surgery

Discover advanced pet orthopedic surgery at the Animal Medical Center of Saline, led by Dr. Lucian Blajan.

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Saline Pet Orthopedic Surgery: Advanced Care For Your Canine And Feline Companions

As an experienced orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Blajan addresses crucial issues such as cruciate ligament tears, hip dysplasia, joint pain, and other prevalent orthopedic injuries in dogs and cats. With a wealth of surgical experience, he has successfully performed numerous orthopedic procedures, including the MRIT procedure for cranial cruciate ligament rupture, femoral head osteotomy, luxating patella repair surgery, and fracture repair.

Uncover Solutions for Joint Pain, Cruciate Ligament Tears, and Hip Dysplasia

Recognize signs of orthopedic problems in your pets, such as limping and difficulty walking. Often, these symptoms go unnoticed until the pain becomes more severe.

At  Animal Medical Center of Saline, pet orthopedic surgery, we emphasize the importance of observing changes in your pet’s mobility. Even without a witnessed accident, your pet may require orthopedic surgery due to an injury. Our dedicated veterinarians will conduct a thorough diagnostic exam to pinpoint the exact injury and explore suitable treatment options.

Prioritizing Safety Every Step of the Way

Safety is our foremost concern during every orthopedic surgery. Before the procedure, comprehensive diagnostic blood work is performed to assess your pet’s readiness for anesthesia. Once anesthesia safety is confirmed, your pet’s surgery will be scheduled for the morning, enabling immediate post-operative monitoring recommended for potential complications. Upon determining that it is safe for your pet to return home, we provide detailed post-op activity to be sure restrictions are enforced after surgery.

Empower Your Pet’s Well-being with Saline Pet Orthopedic Surgery

For in-depth information on pet orthopedic surgery, what to expect, and whether your pet is an ideal candidate, schedule an appointment with our veterinarians today. Call 734-429-4488 for a consultation and ensure the best care for your furry friend.