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Saline Pet Orthopedic Surgery: Cutting Edge Care for Your Dogs & Cats

Animal Medical Center of Saline is a leading provider of pet orthopedic surgery for the treatment of cruciate ligament tears, hip dysplasia, joint pain, and other orthopedic injuries. Our experienced surgical veterinarians have performed hundreds of advanced orthopedic surgical procedures on dogs and cats. Our orthopedic areas of expertise include tibial plateau leveling osteotomy (TPLO) surgery and isometric living graft (ILG) surgery, a procedure that repairs a cruciate ligament tear. Since cat and dog orthopedic surgery is a major procedure, our Saline veterinarians work closely with pet owners at each stage of the process to deliver the safest experience possible for pets.

Saline Pet Orthopedic Surgery Treats Joint Pain, Cruciate Ligament Tears, and Hip Dysplasia

Limping and difficulty walking are two of the most common symptoms of orthopedic problems in pets. Natural wear and tear, an accident injury, or a trauma fracture can also cause an orthopedic injury. Dogs and cats are often experts at hiding the initial symptoms of injury; it is only when they are in moderate to severe pain that these symptoms become more apparent. For this reason, we ask pet owners to pay close attention to any changes in their pets' mobility. Even if you did not witness an accident, it is still possible your pet could need orthopedic surgery due to an injury. Our veterinarians will conduct a diagnostic exam to identify the precise injury and discuss possible treatment options.

If your pet is in pain due to a knee injury, hip injury, or other injury affecting the joints, orthopedic surgery may help restore greater mobility and relieve your pet’s pain. However, since the recovery period following orthopedic surgery can be lengthy, not all pets are good candidates. Older pets may benefit more from alternative therapies rather than enduring a difficult procedure and lengthy recovery. To determine if your pet is a good surgical candidate, our Saline veterinarians will first perform a comprehensive exam and then discuss their findings and recommendations. Our vet care team works closely with each pet owner to determine the best course of treatment.

Orthopedic surgery is a complex process. Your pet’s safety is our top priority throughout the surgery. Prior to the procedure, we will conduct diagnostic blood work to determine if your pet can safely be placed under anesthesia. Once the safe administration of anesthesia is confirmed, we will schedule your pet’s surgery. We typically perform operations in the morning, so we can monitor your pet immediately following the surgery for possible complications. When our veterinarian determines that it is safe for your pet to return home, we will send your pet home with detailed post-op care instructions and pain management medication. Activity restrictions will be in place throughout the recovery period, and pets will need to complete a rehabilitation program to restore mobility.

For more information on pet orthopedic surgery, including what to expect and whether your pet is a good candidate for this treatment option, schedule an appointment with our Saline veterinarian. Call 734-429-4488 today.

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